Action in Bahrain!

The Bahraini Federation of Bodybuilding (BWF) newly chaired by Mr. Sultan Husain Al Ghanem, hold the 2nd Asian West Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships this weekend,  3rd – 6th of May, with about 200 athletes and wide participation of officials from 6 countries in West Asia.

The event was held at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, with the full support of Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (AFBF), with AFBF President Mr. Ochir Ganbaatar and Vice President for Asia, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Sharqi present at the event. The AFBF is very proud of BWF – fully supported by Bahraini Olympic Committee – for its dedication and commitment to the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

At the end of a very competitive event, the host country took the victory, with United Arab Emirates and Oman National Teams taking 2nd and 3rd places respectively.


From left: Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdalla Johar (UAE Team Manager), Mr. Sultan Husain Al Ghanem (the newly elected President of West Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Sharqi (Vice President for Asia), Mr. Ochir Ganbaatar (AFBF President) and Dr. Salim Said Al Bahri (the President of Oman Bodybuilding Committee)

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