WKF President Espinós awarded IFBB gold medal

World Karate Federation (WKF) President Antonio Espinós has been awarded the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) gold medal.

The Spaniard attended a gala dinner hosted by the European Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (EBFF) where he received the accolade.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja invited Espinós to the dinner and presented him with the medal, alongside EBFF executives.

Antonio Espinós has been World Karate Federation President since 1998 and European Karate Federation head since 1997 ©WKF

Espinós has shared a long friendship with Santonja, with the two often meeting at international sporting events.

He has been WKF President since 1998, as well as President of the European Karate Federation since 1997.

The gold medal is the top IFBB accolade.

Other recent recipients of the gold medal include President of the Japanese Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, Fujiwara Tatsuya, who was given the accolade by Santonja at the Association of National Olympic Committees General Assembly in Tokyo.